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What Kind of Faces do You Find to be Intelligent?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Ruryse, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    There are a couple of studies on being able to judge a person's intelligence by their face or facial picture, for example [1] or [2], but they are not quite convincing. No surprise; with evaluating someone's cognitive abilities just by looking at them, we're facing (pun!) a complex cognitive process.

    Also, I've been browsing through two threads on AnthroScape, this one on girls, and this one on guys. These are topics where people pick pictures of women and men who they find attractive. I have found the usual celebrity and "current trend" bias, which made me think of how the average people can be manipulated regarding evolutionarily important things like mate choice.


    Can we can come up with cleaner, less biased results, or we are fooled by the Western media as well? What kind of people look intelligent to you?
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  2. ListenNighGlint

    ListenNighGlint Active Member

    The left one in the above pic beats the right one, not sure why...
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  3. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    [...] a woman doesn't actually have to possess or embody the values we see in her in order to be beautiful. A woman doesn't have to be intelligent, happy, or confident, she merely has to appear that way. Beauty is the representation of values, not the actual presence of them, which means even a woman in a painting can be beautiful. Love - not beauty - is our response to someone who actually possesses the qualities we value. Personally, I use the word 'lovely' to describe a woman who actually possesses the values she appears to, because it is love, not just beauty, that makes her attractive to us. But we're talking about beauty here, not love. If 'loveliness' entered into it my wife would be at the top of the list for sure.

    July 6, 2002 - Can female beauty be measured?(link)
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  4. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    It's because that one is closer to a facial average. People instinctively look for average physical features, because differences from those might indicate the presence of deleterious mutations.
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  5. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    She doesn't have to, but if I assume she does and yet she doesn't, I made an erroneous judgement. The more such false assumptions I make, the less I'm able to judge people correctly by their physical features, which would be evolutionarily disadvantageous.
  6. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    With romance, we take on search costs in looking for a match. We will keep looking for a potential match until we find someone who meets the two criteria, and who is sufficiently desirable that we think it’s no longer worth searching further.

    Imagine driving on a busy street, looking for the cheapest gas station. At some point, you will just take the lowest price you can find because you don’t think the costs of searching for an even cheaper station are justified by the probability of finding one, multiplied by the savings you’d get if you did.

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  7. ListenNighGlint

    ListenNighGlint Active Member

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  8. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    There's a similarity between the two, but the instincts and resources used by the searching person are different. One doesn't fall in love with a gas station, nor are they able to reproduce.

    I did like the article though. He didn't go deep into the internet and dating sites thing, but they do alter the whole mate finding process. On one hand, internet might help finding people their matches as long as it means a more or less natural interaction like that of forums or to an extent, social media. But dating sites certainly work against mate finding just as much. The owners are mainly interested in their own profit, so they distort the results in several ways to get the maximum profit out of it. They throw out of balance something that's already unnatural (still images versus living people behaving naturally in their habitat) with giving women even more power in the form of certain benefits that only work within the site's system.

    Consider that even though intelligence is attractive, it only works within a roughly one standard deviation range from any given person. Since average people are average exactly because they form the majority of population, average intelligence will be the leading trait to guide their mate finding process. Take a person with high above (or below) average level of intelligence, and their "shopping for a mate" will be that much more difficult.
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  9. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    For one, there is no culture saying that to be seem as successful you have to enter on an exclusive relationship with one of your local gas stations. So you don't see people going around killing, stealing and lying to get preferential treatment from gas station owner's.
  10. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Do you think people only get into relationships because they want to be seem successful? Isn't it more instinctive than that?
  11. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    That is something else. We can talk about that too, but I was referring to other impulses.
  12. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    You mean, finding a mate is entirely a logical give-and-take process?
  13. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    I am not answering, but here is something to consider: masked-man fallacy.

    I know what it is to make a logical argument in favor of something.
    I don't know how I came to the conclusion that I want to bang that blonde.
    Therefore, I did not reach that conclusion by logical means.
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  14. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Damn it!

    Bingo. Instinct comes first, rationality comes later.
  15. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    Fresh news:

    Why our brains lead us astray when we take things at face value (link)
  16. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Good find, thank you!

    " In Face Value, he finds that faces ranked as trustworthy also happen to be happy faces, as opposed to angry faces."

    Not for me. I find smiling attractive only in very specific situations, and it has to be that (very natural and subtle) kind of smile. A more or less constant, sanguine smile makes me distrust the person, making them come off more shallow and less intelligent. A big, confident smile will render a woman less attractive to me as well.

    "A heightened contrast between the eyes and mouth and the rest of the face makes a face look more feminine, which is why women wear make-up."

    Again, not in my case. I can evaluate (sub-consciously) a female face better if they're not wearing make-up, and I'll find her more attractive (if she's naturally the kind who attracts me anyway). I especially find the currently popular, unnaturally thickened/darkened eyebrows unattractive.

    Blue eyes are actually (and almost universally) the most attractive in a woman, because of how men can see pupil reactions and thus, emotions easier and from a greater distance, if the pupil has the lightest possible background. Pale skin on a female is attractive for the same reason: blushing is much more visible. The reason women wear make-up is to emulate those sought after traits. Only darker skinned/eyed women usually have to artificially create the impression of a pale skin with rendering the mouth and the eye-area darker; they imitate the ideally natural contrast. They use fake blusher for the same reason, and lately even fake freckles came into fashion. It's all reproductive mimicry.

    I suspect it's again a contrast between extraversion and introversion, the former being more common. Average people are easier to deceive with such tricks.
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  17. ListenNighGlint

    ListenNighGlint Active Member

    Seriously? I thought no one else noticed that! :)

    Interesting... so why are women of what you describe as ideal somewhat rare? And why did all the other types adapt at all? o_O
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  18. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    It might be the r/K-selection strategy, with these type of women being more on the K-side in general. It means they're more choosy when it comes to men, and the kind of men they're attracted to are rarer themselves, who protect these kind of women more effectively. So it's a more selective, more quality-over-quantity oriented mating process, with fewer possible offspring.

    To put it bluntly: cause men kept shagging them. ;)

    As someone said once, "blue eyes will get a woman flowers, a big butt will get her raped".
  19. softboober

    softboober Active Member

    Ok I agree on what he says about familiarity and a preference for "our own tribe". That makes sense. To be able to tell a person's political and religious preferences from seeing their face, well, I don't know. He says it's a no go and I say it's a hit or miss. But maybe more towards the hit side.

    Lol, I know we went through the racism shit in a couple threads and I get it's not what you're pushing. There's a good amount of truth in it statistically, but man, there are still lots of blue eyed bitches and airhead sluts with "perfect" pale skin, and a helluva lot of them are just plain average, if you know what I mean. :p Not all of 'em fits the bill for sure. I mean, there's still a diversity among people with similar characteristics.
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  20. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Sure, it's because I strongly suspect that there's an order of importance regarding facial trait preferences. Face shape resemblance (bone structure, jaw line, robustness, eye, nose and mouth position etc.) is about the strongest factor. It trumps even skin color, eye color, hair color or other traits when it comes to mate choice.

    Here's a study on how facial attractiveness depends on symmetry, averageness or self-similarity, among other things. But it actually says that self-similarity is only preferred within non-sexual, same sex kinship (i.e. a man tends pick male friends that have similar faces), but when it comes to the opposite sex, anything goes. I'm not sure about that part. I suspect it depends on the individual, and I wouldn't be surprised if the level of preference towards opposite sex facial similarity was positively correlated with general intelligence.
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