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Internet regulates our lives - sometimes quite directly

Discussion in 'Other' started by Ruryse, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    We had a discussion earlier on how the big internet companies monopolize and control the entire information flow. Here's an example of how Google fires people who dare to go against the now common brainwash.

    James Damore created a document in which he said that the ability differences between men and women are rooted in biological differences. He also stated that women in general enjoy a positive bias.


    Google's Chief Executive decided that Damore's document violated the company's code of conduct, calling Damore's opinion "harmful gender stereotypes".

    In a recent article, a woman tries to lecture us that Damore (and Darwin) was wrong, that all it is is "sexism" and recital of "gender stereotypes", because it is social factors that create these differences. As if the biological differences were minor "blemishes", not the actual cause of it all, including the social factors.

    EDIT: James Damore's original document (.pdf) for which he got fired by Google can be downloaded from here.

    (Thanks @softboober !)
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  2. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    Why does being fired causes more uproar than never being admitted in the first place? I bet Google rejected lots of candidates for the same reason that one was fired and we never heard of them.

    I applied to some positions at Google, never got an answer. Now, knowing of their culture, I won't bother to try again in the future.
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  3. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    It can be kept secret or downplayed a lot easier, without having written proof of it. They don't even have to openly say "we didn't hire you cause we thought you were a sexist". Google and the likes now know as much about us as can be known without reading our thoughts. And I'm not even sure about the latter.
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  4. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    Once I wrote to an atheist organization to ask if they had a list of companies which preferred to hire atheists. The answer: "no, that is illegal". What a bunch of cowards their members must be.
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  5. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Maybe they would have answered if you asked in person. Whatever we write and send through the internet is being monitored, so in a way I understand that they don't want to risk getting sued by a company for sending out or even collecting such data. You could have been someone checking for such security gaps, after all.
  6. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    Then I would expect them to: look at my e-mail domain, visit my site, get a copy of my public crypto key, then send me an anonymous tip.

    Until the chinese approach of forcing people to install back-doors (link) come to the west, that should be a safe way to communicate such sensitive matters.
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  7. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    You're right though, it's cowardice. They could have shown a good example and be frank about it. It's not like you've asked for secret codes or phone numbers. Then again, Google and the likes are atheistic, yet they're not; they bow down to this fucked up phalanstery-liberalism, not unlike people did with Christianity and the likes before.
  8. softboober

    softboober Active Member

    In case you haven't yet seen the document in question: http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/matthias/Articles/the-google-memo.pdf

    I'm glad he's actually a Jewish guy who considers himself a 'classical liberal', it just makes the whole issue even more interesting. Or legit. I dunno. :confused: Until someone says he's a made up character. :p

    I've read that Damore has been offered a job by WikiLeaks' Julian Assange. Would you guy like to work for WikiLeaks? I wonder how you would get in. Hope it's not a one way ticket. :p
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  9. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    I read quite a lot about Julian Assange. I would work with him, no problem.

    Corruption is rampant where I live and I have seen many cases, but I don't think that just denouncing it, like WikiLeaks does, would do any good. Unless someone like @fschmidt do something about the degenerate people, they will just say that now they accept Christ as their savior, the community will forget about their misdeads and they will carry on like before, but now with a bit more precautions to not get caught again.
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  10. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Did you see this thorough study he referred to in his document, on how libertarians differ from both liberals and conservatives regarding morality, and can't be placed between those on a continuum? It even comes with Big 5 scores and the likes, really interesting.

    Not sure about that. It's almost like an Intelligence Agency, and I'm too old and stubborn to follow orders or die. I mean, I can die just fine without all that stuff.

    lmao. That's earned a firm seat on the lifeboat.

  11. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    One action women can take to make credible the idea that biological differences have no impact on their work performance is to commit to never having children and make everybody know that. The reason it would work is explained by game theory - you can find it on that book I mentioned on another thread. People then would have no reason to not treat these women equally as males.

    This could be done by medically impairing their ability to gestate. To make that class of women known, they could also commit to cutting their hair short (usual for males) and adopting names usually associated to males.

    After these changes and given enough time for the culture to adapt, given an population on which only X% of the women acted as breeders, the other 100-X% should have equal footing with males - if and only if no biological reasons prevented that.

    As long as society do not insist that 100% of women keep their breeding capabilities, this should work - at least as an experiment to detect if biological factors are the cause of the prevalent disparity of results. For religious societies which insist on mass-breeding and then cleaning the over-population by war, this experiment would not work, but these societies seem to be phasing out of existence.
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  12. Reewier

    Reewier Member

    How would that prove that biological differences don't affect their work performance? They would still be women. Anyway, it sounds almost like creating hardcore lesbians artificially. We both know that's not what women really want.

    What about the male side of the coin? Damore says society should allow men to be feminine and let them choose feminine career paths if that's what they want.
  13. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Why, what do women want? Fo' real. Or men? People are clueless. That's why they can be convinced they want whatever they're told to want. That's why stupid fucking brainwash like religions or gender equality or liberalism work. Take a couple of reasonable ideas that sound good on their own, write them on a flag and announce that chanting them will make someone popular and socially accepted.
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  14. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    lmao! That means basically the entire population though. At least if we handle the term "religion" loosely enough.
  15. softboober

    softboober Active Member

    Ya man I get it. On the surface they do just that, not so sure if that is all they do, but it wouldn't be too smart for them to give it all away. WikiLeaks could just be one arm of an octopus. Or a label on that arm.

    Or a News Agency, with a twist.

    The way I see it, women who would really be willing to do that wouldn't want to gestate anyway. The rest of them usually realize that gender equality is BS, somewhere in their thirties. Past a couple of guys. :p
  16. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    These days it is mostly the war on drugs, instead of war of conquest and instead of making the drug criminals slaves on ships used on war of conquest, they are mostly neutralized and used as training targets for the military and police.

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