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Chaos theory - no new discoveries?

Discussion in 'Inventions & New Ideas' started by Daniel Delion, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Daniel Delion

    Daniel Delion Member

    Why is it that chaos theory virtually hasn't progressed for at least 30 years? Where are the new discoveries regarding it? I'm asking because if anything, chaos, i.e. nonlinear dynamical systems are rather computer and technology dependent. If not the general ideas, the actual calculations certainly are. I have read about analyzing and handling crowd behavior or even politics as complex systems, but I haven't seen anything new regarding fractal geometry or calculating turbulence or error signals, etc. Anything related to randomness. While it would be easy to say there were not serious advance in these areas, it would be extremely naïve to believe that. Especially when military technology has to be superior to ensure power (yeah, hello, politics). Have you noticed how the advance in personal computers seriously slowed down? I bet it's because we are not allowed to get into the next technology step, just not yet, when it's too precious for seizing power.

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  2. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    Examples of what chaos theory discoveries went into:

    The Russian version, check the part from 6:30 on:


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