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Automatic Tagging of Posts

Discussion in 'Technology' started by andersonnnunes, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. andersonnnunes

    andersonnnunes Active Member

    There are automated scripts to extract terms from articles, usually with the intention of capturing the most essential nouns, so they can be used as tags.

    People are usually too lazy (I know I am) to tag everything well. Do you know any place using that sort of technology? Would you mind manually using a script like that and applying the tags manually to your posts? How much would you pay for that to be done automatically on the forums you use? Any other thought on this?
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  2. softboober

    softboober Active Member

    I think if there was a need for it, it would have been implemented by now. Hashtags are the shit now, but other than that, I don't see many people caring about tags on forums.
  3. Ruryse

    Ruryse Active Member

    With adding tags manually, one has the option to choose terms that are not part of the post, yet they are related to it. Could that be put in the algorithm as well? That being said, I view forum tags as a form of a controlled spam. I embrace tactics that try to steer people away from automation and encourage them to come up with their own stuff. That's challenging.

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